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At the request of a government entity, Raven engineered one of its Analog Orderwire modules to opera...


Raven Electronics has the products and expertise to create any solution for public safety, military, and commercial communications.

Public Safety

Raven Electronics’ Prime Responder, a suite of Public Safety Interoperability products, offer fully scalable interoperability solutions for simple and complicated disparate networks, that will easily and cost effectively interconnect fire, police, and emergency management operatives.

Raven recognized the need for Public Safety Interoperability when it introduced its 37600 Series Voice Frequency switching matrix. Since then, Raven has continually developed and evolved additional equipment related to Public Safety Interoperability. The VOX equipment and the scalable M4x Communication Systems are the most recent developments towards optimum interoperability.

M4x can interconnect up to 128 devices. M4x can interconnect different radios, telephones, PSTN lines as well as SATCOM terminals. It is a high-capacity, versatile and robust, communications platform that is easily expandable. Depending on the application, the equipment functions in manned or unmanned facilities. Typically, there is no operational hands-on involvement with the equipment other than the cabling, wiring, configuration, and alignment during initial installation. After that, the equipment functions transparently to the user via communications devices (e.g. radios, phones, etc.) or control equipment (e.g. PC console in a dispatch center).

Once the system is in place, the flexibility of the M4x along with the VF switch, VOX, Orderwire, and supporting modules and chassis, will continue to provide advantages as user’s needs and missions change. The 376 Series VF Switch, VOX equipment, and M4x Communication Systems are currently employed in many different venues, including Public Safety Interoperability, throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world.

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