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Prime Responder M4x Communications System can provide all the functions of a switching matrix, VOX, and bridging/conferencing all in one box.

Customizing Prime Responder

The value of Prime Responder M4x Communication System is that it is so versatile that it can be a one-stop solution to most customers. M4x is extremely modular and can provide a number of functional options within the same box. M4x incorporates all the technologies of our previous and most popular systems (such as the 376 Series). Can it function as an alarm and control? You bet. How about a switch? Yep! It is both of those things and much more.

Telecommunications interoperability relies on the ability to connect between disparate systems. M4x is capable of creating interoperability solutions as well as improving overall network functionality.

M4x is an interoperability solution with built-in management capabilities that usually are separated by stand-alone and separate systems.

M4x configuration depends on your application:

How big is your system going to be?
This determines chassis size and how many 47688 Line Interface boards it can hold. The Line Interface board holds up to four 476 modules. We will help you determine how many modules are required for your application.

Mix and match the modules to suit the application interfaces; for example, 4-wire interfaces require 476-150's (one for every two four-wire ports); RS-232 interfaces require 476-232's (one for every two ports); for conferencing a 476-155 is needed. Next, you configure the software within the M4x or in some cases (Motorola NYCT project, for example) customizing the software. Raven successfully provided Motorola’s complicated, NYCT project a solution using one of its newest products, the M4x Communication System.

Examples of M4x applications are: bridging, VOX, and switching. Sarpy County in Nebraska uses M4x as a 20-port VOX shelf. One of Motorola's applications uses M4x's as a combination bridge/VOX shelves. New York City Transit implemented the M4x to act as a series of bridge shelves between disparate systems and then easily expanded the M4x's role to handle more network functionality.

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