Prime Responder

Prime Responder M4x Communications System can provide all the functions of a switching matrix, VOX, and bridging/conferencing all in one box.

Prime Responder

Communications Interoperability Solutions with Prime Responder

What is Prime Responder?

Prime Responder is the most flexible solution for all the Public Safety Interoperability issues facing telecommunications engineers, public servants, public safety professionals, and first responders.

The Prime Responder solution is a suite of communications management electronics hardware. Interoperability is achieved using any combination of these fundamental communication building blocks:

• The Voice Frequency (VF) Switch (switching matrix)

• The VOX Equipment

• The Bridging and Conferencing Equipment

• The M4x Communications System

• Raven Electronics' powerful M4x management software

• Flexible port and slot configurations

Prime Responder can be deployed off the shelf or designed to your specifications to solve any difficult telecommunications engineering problem. Click here to learn more about Prime Responder. 

Call us today – speak to an engineer and find the solution that will deliver under any condition, easily link up the most disparate legacy networks, and get your project solved quickly and under budget.

More info on Public Safety Interoperability.


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