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At the request of a government entity, Raven engineered one of its Analog Orderwire modules to opera...

Prime Responder

Prime Responder M4x Communications System can provide all the functions of a switching matrix, VOX, and bridging/conferencing all in one box.

Mass Transportation Communications

The M4x Communication System product was involved in the testing of what is intended to become the world's largest, conventional, radio system. M4x makes this possible. Albeit, the M4x Communication System represented only a fraction of the cost of the entire system, it provided a vital link in the system that few communication companies could have developed in the requested time frame.

The M4x Communication System provides Raven's customers with a modularized communication design approach, allowing the customer to flexibly choose from a number of communication endpoints. The M4x Communication System was derived from the repackaging of technology from an outdated satellite communications system that Raven developed in the 1990's. Raven recognized that the modularized structure of the old system (and the extreme engineering effort that it took to develop it) could be leveraged to provide Raven's customers with a generalized communication system that could serve many diverse needs.  The M4x Communication System enhances many efforts to solve problematic communications issues, from interoperability among Public Safety entities to niche communication systems.

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