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47800 - Prime Responder
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47800 - Prime Responder

Prime Responder, a suite of Public Safety Interoperability products, is composed of the 376 Series Voice Frequency (VF) Switch, VOX equipment, and M4 Communications System.

Raven recognized the need for Public Safety Interoperability when it introduced its 37600 Series Voice Frequency (VF) switching matrix. Since then, Raven has continually developed and evolved additional equipment related to Public Safety Interoperability. The VOX equipment and the scalable M4 Communication Systems are the most recent developments towards optimum interoperability.

Raven Electronics' Prime Responder M4 Communications System is a fully scalable, interoperability solution for complicated disparate or tactical incident radio networks. M4 easily and cost effectively can connect fire, police, and emergency management operatives to a variety of interfaces including VOIP networks.

To demonstrate how easily Prime Responder M4 can manage resources via the supervisor console, see the screen shots below. In the screen shots below, there are three members (radios) in the talk group labeled “Region 1 Cooperative” and two members in “Incident: Park Lane” talk group. The supervisor is currently listening in on the incident at Park Lane as “TAC-TEAM1” talks (transmits) to “COMMAND_NET". When the supervisor selects listen, they hear all audio coming and going to that particular “NET”. When they “break in” they are able to communicate to that talk group.

Prime Responder M4 is the premier solution for most interoperability needs.

Prime Responder 376 and 476 Series systems are electronic fully non-blocking, cross-point, switching arrays. It is designed to selectively route 0.3 to 20.0 KHz audio frequency analog signals.

Available in 8-, 16-, or 32- line versions for the 376 series and any number of ports up to 128 in the 476 series system, they are full-access, space division switches, which can operate with Raven 416 Series Order Wire equipment, radios, and a variety of other equipment. A broad line of other interface modules can provide interconnection of voice channel functions associated with a communications central hub or terminal.

The industry's most compact VF switch gives you large system quality and features for the interconnection of private and private/public telecommunications facilities, microwave radio communications links, and mobile radio networks.

Prime Responder VOX equipment provides a fast attack VOX circuit with digital delay to prevent speech clipping. It connects the audio from different radio types in a simple back-to-back configuration.


Screen shots (Click on the image to enlarge)





Shows the M4 Supervisor Console

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  1. M4x Blade (47800 Series)

    You might want to consider Raven’s newest product, the M4x Blade.  It can function in all the same ways as bridges, but can offer many more features and capabilities that the bridges cannot.  In addition to bridging the Blade can offer applications, such as:

    -          Voter/Comparator

    -          DTMF controlled cross patch switching matrix

    -          Radio interoperability

    -          Multi-User cross patch

    -          800 MHz re-banding

    Features include:

    -          Tone remote control

    -          SNR Voter/Comparator

    -          Wireline control (e.g. COR and PTT)

    -          VOX (Voice-activated switch)

    -          Audio delay (avoids speech clipping)

    -          Notch Filtering

    -          Conferencing

    -          Tone Detection/generation

    -          DSP Filters


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  2. M4x Mini-Blade (47800-003-X)


    The versatile and economical M4x Mini-Blade quickly connects to your laptop via USB to provide voice communication solutions. It has two ports and offers the same easy-to-use software as the eight port M4x Blade for added flexibility. In addition to functioning in all the same ways as a bridge, it provides many more features and capabilities, such as: tone remote control, 2175 notch filter, voice frequency switch.

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  3. M4x Desktop Console (47810-600)

    The M4x Desktop Console can be configured to meet a wide range of public safety,  government, institutional and industrial applications that require 4-wire voice  communications.

    The M4x Desktop Console is programmable to provide a number of features such as, channel mute, group dial codes, speed dial, and custom ring tones.

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