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40710 - Switched Network Interface (SNI)
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40710 - Switched Network Interface (SNI)

The Switched Network Interface (SNI) system provides the interconnect between a 4-wire audio service channel and a 2-wire subscriber line or a loop start PBX. The 4-wire service channel utilizes DTMF signaling to access the 2-wire public switched network. Conversely, the 2-wire public switched network can access the 4-wire service channel by dialing the number of the 2-wire line connected to the SNI system.

With Raven's model 40710-600 or model 40710-640 Switched Network Interface (SNI) Shelf, you can add a subscriber line interface between the local phone company (or a PABX) and your Orderwire network. This will allow technicians or service personnel to access dial tone. This is especially important in areas where cellular coverage is unavailable. Personnel from the subscriber side can dial into the Orderwire network as well. Model 40710-640 Switched Network Interface (SNI) Shelf also allows you to connect up to 3
external 4wire ports on the network.

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