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47810-600 - M4x Desktop Console
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47810-600 - M4x Desktop Console

Using M4x Communication Technology

Introducing Raven’s new compact and versatile M4x Desktop Console.  With the decades of work Raven has done in the orderwire and public safety arena, Raven has introduced a desktop voice communications deskset that utilizes M4x technology.

The M4x Desktop Console can be configured to meet a wide range of public safety,  government, institutional and industrial applications that require 4-wire voice  communications.

The M4x Desktop Console is programmable to provide a number of features such as, channel mute, group dial codes, speed dial, and custom ring tones. The console  panel interface can be extended from the console itself to a graphical interface on a computer allowing even more flexibility and features.

• DTMF control • Wireline operation
• DTMF alert and dial-in • Footswitch
• VOX (voice-activated switch) • Speed Dial
• Notch filtering • Optional gooseneck microphone
• Keying Tones  
• Emergency backup station/Dispatch
• Rural small-office dispatch operations
• Intercomm/Orderwire

It is the ultimate toolkit for any radio technician right out of the box, but it also  serves as the best solution to solve complex system requirements.

M4x is a Digital Signal Processing based set of hardware and software tools that  allow the end user to solve simple-to-complex problems that would otherwise require multiple products from multiple vendors.

It is a flexible technology that allows our engineers the ability to quickly solve new
problems that customers encounter in their field of work

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  1. M4x Blade (47800 Series)

    You might want to consider Raven’s newest product, the M4x Blade.  It can function in all the same ways as bridges, but can offer many more features and capabilities that the bridges cannot.  In addition to bridging the Blade can offer applications, such as:

    -          Voter/Comparator

    -          DTMF controlled cross patch switching matrix

    -          Radio interoperability

    -          Multi-User cross patch

    -          800 MHz re-banding

    Features include:

    -          Tone remote control

    -          SNR Voter/Comparator

    -          Wireline control (e.g. COR and PTT)

    -          VOX (Voice-activated switch)

    -          Audio delay (avoids speech clipping)

    -          Notch Filtering

    -          Conferencing

    -          Tone Detection/generation

    -          DSP Filters


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