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476-777 - M4x VoIP Digital Interface
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476-777 - M4x VoIP Digital Interface

The power of the new M4x VoIP interface provides Raven and our partners a new level of flexibility in specialized mobile radio applications.

Based on a field-proven VoIP engine, our VoIP solution provides a new dimension in power for the M4x product line. It's not just another VoIP product-it's a digital control mechanism for voice and data services that is integrated with our entire line of M4x module products including radio, telephone, I/O, and serial modules.

VoIP is not just a "voice" technology, but a "Vision" technology. Providing real-time information of all kinds of voice and data services requires technology vision and creativity. VoIP does not have to be simply for voice applications. It can be extended to any kind of service that requires real-time delivery.

In today's mobile radio landscape, users are looking for non-proprietary ways to solve complex problems that exist in mobile radio applications. From digital voting schemes, voice capture and playback, interoperability, and dispatch operations the new M4x VoIP digital interface can and will address most needs of mobile and fixed radio users' needs.

Initially, Raven's VoIP interface will address most of the basic needs of the consumer including VoIP backhaul and leased-line elimination as well as SIP endpoint support and "Radio over IP" (RoIP) protocols. From there, our intention is to then provide a technology or set of "LEGOs for communications engineers" that may actually drive communications technology in the future. Further, our objective is to provide true digital interoperability in both our voting configurations as well as our radio control station configurations.

Imagine simultaneous TRBO and NEXEDGE systems seamlessly interoperating with VHF conventional systems-with Raven M4x VoIP this is becoming a reality.

The Raven Electronics Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) interface module is designed to digitize voice signals and send them over IP-based networks. They can be a LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide area Network) or the Internet itself. With voice over IP, you may be able to increase your voice radio coverage area and/or eliminate the use of existing, costly leased phone lines for communications to remote tower sites. The Raven VoIP interface module is used on the Raven M4x Blade . Port 1 is the VoIP port on the module and Port 2 is either a 4-wire or a 2-wire hybrid.

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    -          Voter/Comparator

    -          DTMF controlled cross patch switching matrix

    -          Radio interoperability

    -          Multi-User cross patch

    -          800 MHz re-banding

    Features include:

    -          Tone remote control

    -          SNR Voter/Comparator

    -          Wireline control (e.g. COR and PTT)

    -          VOX (Voice-activated switch)

    -          Audio delay (avoids speech clipping)

    -          Notch Filtering

    -          Conferencing

    -          Tone Detection/generation

    -          DSP Filters


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    We sympathize with users that have few choices and plenty of frustration in their voter/comparator options. It is with this in mind, we took our audio processing expertise and created the most flexible and cost-effective voter solutions on the market. It’s the right solution at the right price.

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