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476-300 - M4x DVSI AMBE+2 Module
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476-300 - M4x DVSI AMBE+2 Module

Raven's 476-300 is a 3-channel module that incorporates Digital Voice Systems' AMBE 3003TM Vocoder technology. It is being used for gateway applications for digital mobile radio systems including NEXEDGETM, IDASTM, MotoTRBOTM, and P25.

The 476-300 provides users an ability to encode or decode AMBETM over USB, a serial interface, or via TDM channels on an M4x Blade. When an M4x Blade is populated with four 476-300 modules it can provide up to 12 simultaneous vocoder paths to your application.

When deployed in an M4x "Mini" Blade it is a perfect vocoder solution for communications engineers who work with modern digital mobile radio systems. It is like having three DVSI USB-3000 in one device.

Each module includes a VF, USB, and a serial port for use in your vocoding application-input voice via the VF port and output AMBETM encoded serial streams via the USB port or serial port and vice versa.

AMBE encoded peripherals can access this module for decoding via the TDM bus (or local serial port) and output to one or both physical ports on the module or send to another TDM channel for output on another module.


For Digital Mobile Radio Systems including:

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