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47800A-FLXG - FlexGate Enterprise System
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47800A-FLXG - FlexGate Enterprise System

The FlexGate Enterprise System is a server/hardware based platform that can connect any type of radio system via four wire control or in some cases a direct IP connection into DMR systems. This platform is then paired with our HQi clients to provide user intuitive IP dispatch.

Raven’s FlexGate Enterprise System can be combined with a suite of smartphone applications such as ESChat or Zello to provide a seamless IP connection into the radio systems. This system allows for extraordinary voice quality through a simple, feature-rich user-interface.

The FlexGate solution is more than a smartphone gateway. It is a mixed media bridge providing access to VoIP/RoIP systems, analog radio systems, telephone systems, and dispatch centers.

Access these resources from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, or PC.

FlexGate gets its name because it is a licensable product and a modular built platform which will allow for the customer to be able to custom build a system that will fit their needs without a large price tag or purchasing equipment they don't need. It becomes a flexible gateway into their communication network.



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