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- Medilink

Multiple cross patches can take place at the same place at the same time and there is vitually no limit (aside from the port capacity of the matrix) to the number of entities that can be placed in a cross patch. The patches are knocked down in a similar manner with a single mouse click.

Cross patches are visually displayed on all the monitors, so all operators know which ones are currently in patch and which are not. Port capacity can be as few as the user needs up to 100 ports or more.

The user interface experience can be modified to meetcustom requirements for different customers. Install the software on the user's computing platform that can be provided with the equipment.

The easy-to-use software module installs alongside existing Computer-Aided-Dispatch software, eliminating the need for new PC's on the dispatch desk. Because the software allows multiple users to access the same system, existing dispatchers can operate the system- eliminating the need for additional staff. The software connects seemlessly over existing Ethernet networks to the stand-alone Raven M4x Switch.

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