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W635 - HQi Dispatch Software
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W635 - HQi Dispatch Software


HQi is Raven Electronics IP dispatch solution. HQi is connected to the Raven FlexGate sever over either a private or public network connection giving the user the flexability of being able to dispatch anywhere in the world. It was designed in such a way to make dispatching as easy as possible. HQi is a great product fit for both public and private enities.



  • Select and unselect audio with the abilty to steer the audio to a specific speaker.
  • On the fly radio patching with just the click of a mouse.
  • Ability to create new patches.
  • Multi select radio transmissions.
  • Paging tones easly seletable from a drop down list.
  • Channel marker capabilty can be totaly customized by changing the interval, the tone duration, frequency of the tone and, ampliltude of the tone.
  • Recorded audio playback. It can be adjusted withen the server to be save from 1 hour to two weeks. Recorded audio can also be save to a file on the local computer.
  • Ip camera streaming. 
  • Able to disable an interface in case of a malfunctioning radio.
  • Text messaging between other HQi users.
  • Sip calling between other HQi users.
  • One to one video call.
  • User has the abilty to customize the color and position of the interface.
FlexGate Enterprise gave you managed interoperability and then you asked for a
dispatch-like client interface to control patches, monitor communications assets,
and talk from a Windows-based PC on your network. We answered your request
with HQi.

HQi is a RoIP software console and is a perfect compliment to our FlexGate
Enterprise System. Adding HQi to FlexGate allows the user to have dynamic
control and to create patches on the fly, monitor trac, talk, listen and broadcast
messages to any existing FlexGate resources, including SIP endpoints, Radios,
RoIP/RTP sessions, FXO or FXS interfaces, as well as IP camera feeds. HQi provides
unique situational awareness capabilities beyond simple voice operations.

Ask about our low-cost, complete small-office dispatch bundles supporting 2-8
radio channels.

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  2. M4x Blade (47800 Series)

    You might want to consider Raven’s newest product, the M4x Blade.  It can function in all the same ways as bridges, but can offer many more features and capabilities that the bridges cannot.  In addition to bridging the Blade can offer applications, such as:

    -          Voter/Comparator

    -          DTMF controlled cross patch switching matrix

    -          Radio interoperability

    -          Multi-User cross patch

    -          800 MHz re-banding

    Features include:

    -          Tone remote control

    -          SNR Voter/Comparator

    -          Wireline control (e.g. COR and PTT)

    -          VOX (Voice-activated switch)

    -          Audio delay (avoids speech clipping)

    -          Notch Filtering

    -          Conferencing

    -          Tone Detection/generation

    -          DSP Filters


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