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40200-4850 - Bridge Shelf (up to eight 8-way bridges)
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40200-4850 - Bridge Shelf (up to eight 8-way bridges)

Raven's Bridge Shelf is a versatile means of bridging multiple 4-wire analog circuits. This bridge module can be ordered with up to eight 8-way bridges. There are 7 or up to 50 ports if daisy chained, internally. Each port receives and retransmits audio from all other ports in the bridge. All inputs and outputs are transformer couple providing excellent common-mode rejection. The bridge shelf is aligned and tested per the customer's specifications at the time of order. Therefore, little or no on-site adjustment is necessary.

The Bridge Shelves can be powered from a DC or AC source. The shelves are 19" or 23" rack mounted, ETSI rack flanges are also available. Bridge modules can be modified from conference bridges to be summing/splitting bridges at no additional cost.

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