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Raven Electronics’ FlexGate Enterprise System is a fully scalable, interoperability solution for complicated disparate networks, that will easily and cost effectively connect fire, police, and emergency management operatives.

Interoperability is the ability of public safety agencies to talk to one another on demand, in real time, when needed. Public Safety—the collective of law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services (EMS), and supporting agencies is challenged to integrate services across these boundaries to serve a public that is not easily separated by administrative lines or simple classifications of calls.

In emergencies or disaster situations, immediate on-site communication is key, but not always possible. When participating agencies’ radios operate on different frequencies, cross-communication is impossible without the aid of an interoperability device. The need for interoperability is a growing concern across the nation, and has state public safety agencies searching for solutions.

Raven recognized the need for Public Safety Interoperability when it introduced its 37600 Series Voice Frequency switching matrix . Since then, Raven has continually developed and evolved additional equipment related to Public Safety Interoperability. The FlexGate Enterprise System and the scalable M4x Communication Systems are the most recent developments towards optimum interoperability.

Raven’s FlexGate Enterprise System can help first responders and public safety service providers achieve reliable and interoperable local, State, and Federal communications using existing radio systems and minimal training. FlexGate Enterprise System bridges the communications gap to save lives. The M4x Communication System is the technology that makes FlexGate Enterprise System a high-capacity, versatile, and robust communications platform that is easily expandable.

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