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Raven Electronics has taken an active role in the evolution of the telephone industry and provides products that reflect the best practices born of that evolution. Raven's products have achieved that reputation over thirty years of active participation.

Orderwire - Analog orderwire and the newest technology, Digital orderwire , provide a private communication link. Typically used by technicians and engineers to communicate among sites and with headquarters while installing and maintaining private communication networks.

M4 Communication System - In early 2002 as the telecommunications sector was still experiencing unfavorable economic conditions due to the events of late 2001, Raven Electronics was finding that our customers were doing more shopping around in order to get the most out of their lean budgets. Some of our long-time customers (like Nortel, Sprint, and the military) were inquiring about equipment we hadn't normally sold to them. In nearly every case we were able to use a hybrid of our existing products to meet their requirements. Further, these customers were asking about whether or not we could provide larger, system-level equipment such as PBX or VF Switches.

One of our products was gaining interest for use in several new applications-each requiring changes in software only. Before long we had several "new" products based on a single platform. We decided to write new software to allow for swift "redevelopments" to fit any customer requirements. M4, a field tried and tested communications platform, was then introduced.

RFMOW V2 - the rugged satellite orderwire that provides system integrators the ability to support military SATCOM operations now and into the future. RFMOW V2 is a standalone positive control orderwire system intended to support multiple tactical satellite terminals. Designed with rugged military in mind, RFMOW V2 is easily integrated into HMMWV satellite terminals or man portable transit cases.

Bridge Shelves - An easy, effective, and versatile means of bridging multiple 4-wire analog circuits. Each port receives and transmits audio from all other ports in the bridge.

Switched Network Interface (SNI) -The Switched Network Interface system provides the interconnect between a 4-wire audio service channel and a 2-wire subscriber line or a loop start PBX. The 4-wire service channel utilizes DTMF signaling to access the 2-wire public switched network. Conversely, the 2-wire public switched network can access the 4-wire service channel by dialing the number of the 2-wire line connected to the SNI system.

Raven Electronics is more than a premier designer of specialized communications products-we are an "Idea Shop". If you have a problem and have not found a solution yet, drop us a line and we'll do some brainstorming.

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