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At the request of a government entity, Raven engineered one of its Analog Orderwire modules to opera...

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Raven Electronics Corporation is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of voice and data switching equipment, as well as specializing in a variety of Legacy Products, Interoperability Solutions, Gap Fillers and Orderwire Alternatives.

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  1. As seen in MissionCritical Communications: M4x Blade Introduction (M4x Blade Section)
    Introducing Raven’s Portable, Compact Communication Device, the M4x Blade!

  2. Commercial (Industries Section)
    Whether you are seeking a new orderwire, VF switch, audio bridge, or VOX shelf for a legacy system, or wish to upgrade your system, Raven Electronics has a specialized solution to solve your challenge. Raven offers the industry's most c

  3. Company History (About Raven Section)
    Raven Electronics Corporation has been in the telecommunication industry for over 40 years. Located in Reno, Nevada, they design and manufacture modern digital signal processing based communication

  4. Contact Us (Contact Section)
    JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER!   Subscribe to our mailing list - Stay updated on all the latest Raven Electronics News!

  5. Customizing Prime Responder (Prime Responder Section)
    The value of Prime Responder M4x Communication System is that it is so versatile that it can be a one-stop solution to most customers. M4x is extremely modular and ca

  6. Data Security (Data Security Section)
    RFMOW V2 compatible with both KIV-7M and KIV-7HSBRaven's RFMOW V2 is a positive control voice and data satellite orderwire system that provides point-to-point communicatio

  7. Documents (Documents Section)


  8. email (Documents Section)


  9. emailsignature (email signature Section)


  10. Emergency Medical Services (Prime Responder Section)
    The Raven Prime Responder Emergency Medical Service, EMS, system is the best way to connect your existing trunked radio equipment to medical personnel.  With the ability to interface with almost any radio system, Prime Responder EMS is the pe

  11. Glossary of Terms ( Section)
    KIV-7M Data Encryption DeviceSafeNet, Inc

  12. Home (Raven Electronics Section)

  13. Interoperability Solutions ( Section)
    Raven Electronics’ FlexGate Enterprise System is a fully scalable, interoperability solution for complicated disparate networks, that will easily and cost effectively connect fire, police, and emergency management operatives.

  14. Mass Transportation Communications (Prime Responder Section)
    The M4x Communication System product was involved in the testing of what is intended to become the world's largest, conventional, radio system. M4x makes this possible. Albeit, the M4x Communication System represented only a fraction of the co

  15. Military (Industries Section)
    Raven Electronics is the global leader in military communications solutions.  Raven has successfully deployed their products in many different military SATCOM situations.RFMOW V2- the rugged satellite orderwire provides system integrat

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