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Military gets Ruggedized Communications Equipment for Operation Enduring Freedom

Raven redesigned its VOX Shelves for the Joint Radio Relay Project in Afghanistan....


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Raven Interoperability Equipment Makes NMAC Mission Critical Communication Possible
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The National Mutual Aid Channels is responsible for nation-wide emergency interoperability and disaster relief. Raven Electronics Corporation was asked by a large radio communications manufacturer to provide a reliable communications solution for the NMAC 800 MHz rebanding project.

Problem: Two disparate radio frequencies and subsequent lack of ability to communicate over NMAC channels were created when the FCC decided to auction off a portion of the 800 MHz spectrum. Our customer was faced with figuring out how to “bridge” the disparity before the spectrum space was sold. If our client was not able to identify a solution, many of the nation’s public safety agencies would not be able to reliably communicate. The consequences could be devastating to the lives of millions of Americans in the event of a national emergency.

Our customer could present the problem to their internal team for analyzing and problem solving. However, the internal process can be slow. The ETA could possibly be a year or more before a solution was agreed upon, designed and implemented. They  knew it was critical they provide a solution quickly. Therefore, Raven Electronics Corporation were called on since they had already worked with Raven on a number of projects.

Solution: Raven’s Idea Shop engineers offered a solution using the Raven Bridge Shelves , which are designed specifically for integrating disparate frequencies, thereby allowing smooth, reliable, clear communication. Not only did Raven have a solution, but the solution was “off-the-shelf.” Raven’s bridge shelf was a solution for a communication problem that in essence made the nation safer.

In our client’s words: “Raven’s forward thinking and cutting-edge technology provided a cost-effective, easy to install solution for a problem that could have had devastating consequences. Raven is an expert source for interoperability in a variety of communication platforms.”

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Call Raven at 775.858.2400 ext. 112 to discuss your 800 MHz rebanding application.

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