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Raven Interoperability Equipment Makes NMAC Mission Critical Communication Possible

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The Intertie Ckt 137 California Hotline party circuit
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In the event of an emergency, the safety and lives of people on the entire West Coast could be affected by Pacific Gas & Electric’s ability to move and distribute power.  Pacific Gas & Electric called on Raven in search of an orderwire for the Intertie Ckt 137 California Hotline party circuit, which is a “super-critical” communication network.

Problem: PG&E would require modification of the Raven orderwire to meet the California Intertie’s needs. The orderwire had to include the following features: PBX access interface cards, rack-mounted phone and two telephone line cards, special alarm points and the ability for separate access codes for each telephone line card. And, in addition to that, they needed it to be a quick turnaround time.

Raven has been providing traditional orderwire for many years to wide range of industries. Technicians in such businesses as telecommunications, railroads, universities, oil and gas pipelines, Internet providers, and rural satellite telecommunications use Raven systems. The typical application for an orderwire is for engineers to communicate via voice or data outside the toll quality band of their radio systems. This allows engineers and technicians to coordinate, maintain, and schedule activities along their private (or public) communications systems. Our orderwire systems are currently installed in microwave, satellite, and fiber optic networks and provide interconnections to mobile radio, cellular systems and public telephone networks.

Solution:  Raven expanded on its basic product to give them what they needed for a “fail-safe” Hotline. Raven modified their analog orderwire (Part No. 41610-6832-262 ) to the precise needs and specifications of the customer, i.e. special interface cards, special cards, special decoders and the ability to enable alarms points.

Analog Orderwire Information Starting with the basic 41610 or 41611 System, other plug-in modules can be added, providing a system configuration designed to specific requirements. The Raven Analog Orderwire provides an interface between a 4-wire line, a frequency limited voice path and a wideband data path. A 4-wire transmit port is provided by the Transmit module, which sums inputs from the handset MIC and a wideband data input. A low pass filter in the voice path band limits signals from the handset MIC.

A 4-wire receive port is provided by the Receive module. From this input, the Receive module provides a wideband data output and a voice frequency output (limited by a low pass filter) to the speaker or handset receiver (to speaker when ON HOOK, and to the handset when OFF HOOK).

Standard orderwire decodes one or two DTMF address codes to ring the orderwire and/or are optional Telephone Interface or PSTN Interface. Discrete tones can also be used for calling an orderwire.

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