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Military gets Ruggedized Communications Equipment for Operation Enduring Freedom
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U.S. Navy and Air Force: Operation Enduring Freedom Tactical Communications Support

The U.S. Air Force needed assistance for the Joint Radio Relay, JR2 Project, in Afghanistan.  The U.S. Navy was assigned to assist and determined that the Raven VOX Shelf would provide a solution for their repeater application. 

The supervising officer stated that the VOX shelf they required had to be rugged, indestructable and be able to endure vibration and shock from air drop.  In addition, they needed redundant power supply to eliminate loss of operation-- critical to the JR2 Project and national defense security.

Specialized Communication Redesign Time Requirement: National Defense Critical- two weeks!

Solution: The 37600 VOX Shelf provided the functionality the military required but they needed the product to survive extreme environmental conditions. Raven redesigned its VOX Shelf, a commercial equipment item, to ruggedize it for the military. Due to imminent national security issues, the redesign was completed and production quantities were shipped in just three weeks.

"Just wanted you [Raven] to know the units are in and working great.  We ship out on the weekend for the true test. Thanks for working with us and getting them ready in time."
Supervising Officer, Corona Project
U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center

"The information passed by these communication systems saves lives."
Cody Williams
U.S. Air Force Staff Sargeant

Squadron JR2 Team Member

Update:  The U.S. Navy has ordered 30 more VOX Shelves since deployment in Afghanistan.


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