Company History

Raven Electronics Corporation has been in the telecommunication industry for over 50 years. Located in Reno, Nevada, Raven designs and manufactures modern digital signal processing based communications systems. Raven's main product lines are based on the M4x Communications Technology. M4x offers the same functionality that many of the standalone products offer, but all in one box.

Developing Optimum Interoperability

Over the years, Raven has strongly emphasized its belief that engineering research and product development are essential to the growth of the company. Time after time, Raven's research and development teams has demonstrated that they are among the most innovative in the field. The growing worldwide communications industry has provided an important marketplace for Raven products.

The Raven Orderwire History 

To complement the orderwire, Raven offers switching, bridging, conferencing and many other ancillary devices that allow engineers to configure a well-rounded systems to specifically to meet their network needs. Many of the installed systems are specialized based on the needs of the engineers in the communications networks of the world. With over 350 different applications in the analog and digital orderwire product line, as well as the satellite ESC, there is a solution for you.  Technicians in such businesses as telecommunications, railroads, universities, oil and gas pipelines, Internet providers, and rural satellite telecommunications use our systems.