FlexGate Enterprise System

FlexGate Enterprise System

SKU: 47800A-FLXG

FlexGate is a true hardware-based enterprise interoperability platform that permits users to create fixed or ad-hoc communications link with any communication system including land mobile radio, public and private telecommunication systems, and LTE "over-the-top" technologies including LTE Push-to-Talk.

FlexGate is a mixed media system bridge providing interconnectivity to VoIP/RoIP systems, radio systems, telephone systems, and dispatch console systems (ask about our HQi Dispatch software). You can access these resources from anywhere in the world via smartphone, your tablet, PC, or public telephone.

Fixed or deployable, FlexGate can offer emergency operation centers or incident response teams access into standard and non-standard communication infrastructures quickly and easily with minimal user training. It can also be used as a transitional technology by bridging current and future systems together as one single system.

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