HQi Software

HQi Software

SKU: W635

HQi is Raven Electronics IP dispatch solution. HQi is connected to the Raven FlexGate server over either a private or public network connection giving the user the flexibility of being able to dispatch anywhere in the world. It was designed in such a way to make dispatching as easy as possible.

  • Features

    • Select and unselect audio with the ability to steer the audio to a specific speaker.
    • On the fly radio patching with just the click of a mouse.
    • Ability to create new patches.
    • Multi select radio transmissions.
    • Paging tones easily selectable from a drop-down list.
    • Channel marker capability can be totally customized by changing the interval, the tone duration, frequency of the tone and, amplitude of the tone.
    • Recorded audio playback. It can be adjusted within the server to be saved from 1 hour up to two (2) weeks. Recorded audio can also be saved to a file onto a local computer.
    • IP camera streaming.
    • Able to disable an interface in case of a malfunctioning radio.
    • Text messaging between other HQi users.
    • Sip calling between other HQi users.
    • One to one video call.
    • User has the ability to customize the color and position of the interface.
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