SNR Voter

SNR Voter

SKU: 47800A-DDDD

We sympathize with users that have few choices and plenty of frustration in their voter/comparator options. It is, we took our audio processing expertise and created the most flexible and cost-effective voter solutions on the market. It’s the right solution at the right price.


The M4x Signal-to-Noise Ratio Voter/Comparator continuously monitors remote sites and votes receivers with the best signal quality based on a DSP-based frequency analysis of the incoming audio. Several software-configurable options can be chosen to accommodate different voting applications.


Full featured reporting capabilities—know when and why a receiver was voted!

Voting with a Raven M4x Blade

A Raven M4x Blade can provide up to 8 channels of audio. Using the Raven M4x Communications System Software, an “SNR vote group” can be defined wherein each individual channel of the voter/comparator can be set up to function as one of these key components of an SNR voter/comparator:

• Console connection

• Receiver to be included in voting

• Sub-comparator

• Expansion channel

The audio of the voted receiver is routed to the console. A sub-comparator channel from one M4x blade can be routed to an expansion channel on another M4x blade to create SNR vote groups with more than eight members. Raven M4x Blades can be ganged to create SNR vote groups as large as is needed for an application. Additionally, multiple SNR vote groups can co-exist on the same M4x Blade.


Software-configurable SNR Voting Options

The flexibility of the M4x Blade is demonstrated by the firmware and software integration, allowing for full customization of features. Mobile radio professionals throughout the country are currently adopting the M4x SNR Voter/Comparator for their two-way radio applications. M4x provides a complete interoperability solution for existing networks.

Using the Raven M4x Communications System Software, the following features are available to tailor the SNR voting system to an application:


• Transmission type: simulcast or transmitter steering

• Force simulcast transmission on a function tone from the console

• Force simulcast transmission due to receiver inactivity

• Start voting when status tone drops or when audio trigger activates

• Remove a receiver from voting due to lack of audio

• Manually remove a receiver from voting (via software)

• Remove a receiver from voting based on COR

• Assert PTT on the voted channel

• Adjust the minimum time allow between votes

• Adjust the number of dBs required to out-vote another channel

Either 2175Hz or 1950Hz can be used as a status tone (assuming that the SNR vote group is configured to start voting upon loss of status tone).


An SNR vote group that is configured to start voting on the audio trigger (rather than a status tone) can use any combination of VOX and/or COR to start the voting process on a given channel.

  • 2-channel M4x Voter, PN 47800A-D000-W500
  • 4-channel M4x Voter, PN 47800A-DD00-W500
  • 6-channel M4x Voter, PN 47800A-DDD0-W500
  • 8-channel M4x Voter, PN 47800A-DDDD-W500
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