Digital Orderwire

Digital Orderwire

SKU: 61510

The Raven Digital Orderwire, 61510, allows voice communication through a 64kb/s digital service channel by including voice codecs in the Orderwire Terminal. The Digital Bridge module provides four 64kb/s RS-422 (V.11) ports for connection to the service channel equipment, as well as two analog VF ports, or one VF port and one or two RS-232 data ports, and the drop to the Orderwire front panel. The Digital Bridge performs the conference bridge function for all these signal paths digitally, eliminating additional quantizing noise at repeater and hub sites.

Orderwire decodes one to 20 unique DTMF address codes to ring the Orderwire and/or an optional Telephone Interface.

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    Switch to the flexible future with Raven 615 Series Digital Orderwire. Engineers, technicians and installers need clear and dependable communications among sites. Whether it's microwave, fiber, satellite or just simple point to point communications, reliability is critical. The Raven Digital Orderwire is designed to provide solid and versatile communications among sites to improve efficiency and assure timely installation. The 615 Series provides selective dialing which increases network diagnostics abilities, quick programming, alert tones that can be programmed based on your requirements and reliable communications. There are also multiple interface options including RS422, RS232C and Voice Frequencies.