SKU: 41800-002

A More Effective Positive Control Orderwire System

Raven's RFMOW V2 is a positive control voice and data satellite orderwire system that provides point-to-point communication between Network Terminal operators and Network Control Terminal operators on the DSCS and WGS networks.

Designed for KIV-7M TRANSEC devices, RFMOW V2 is also backward compatible right out of the box with KIV-7HSB. It supports both the STE and STU secure telephones to provide secure voice functionality. It is ready today for operations within the DSCS and WGS systems.

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    Raven's RFMOW V2 - the rugged satellite orderwire provides system integrators the ability to support military SATCOM operations now and into the future. RFMOW V2 is a standalone positive control orderwire system intended to support multiple tactical satellite terminals. Designed with rugged mobility in mind, RFMOW V2 is easily integrated into HMMWV satellite terminals or man portable transit cases.

    Support KIV-7M and KIV-7/HSB Transec Devices!