SYNERGY M4x Action Rules

SYNERGY M4x Action Rules

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Build a communications solution the way you want it with Synergy M4x Action Rules.

Raven's Synergy, M4x Action Rules is a flexible package for building custom applications for the Raven M4x Blade. Synergy puts the power of the event-driven M4x Blade into the hands of the user, allowing anyone to create, save, and run custom M4x Blade applications.

Raven's M4x Action Rules Manager software application provides the platform to build custom Action Rules applications. Make it possible with Synergy, the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, and contributions.

M4x Action Rules Manager 

An Action Rule Set is a collection of Action Rules, executed in the same order that they are created. Many Action Rules can be combined to perform a specific function on the M4x Blade.

A single Action Rule is a combination of "events", "conditions", and "actions".

    • An event can occur on the Blade itself, or on any one of the M4x modules attached to the Blade.

    • A condition is a state that can be optionally checked before performing some action.


  • An action is ultimately the function that is performed by the Blade (or module) based on the event and optional condition. 



When creating an Action Rule, think about what you want the Raven M4x Blade to do in terms of a given event. Also, think about where that event will be occurring- on the Blade, or on one of the modules. For instance, one of the most basic events that occurs is the "Blade Start-up" event. This event occurs directly after the Blade is powered on or reset, and allows the user to perform any pre-configuration that might be required before the other Action Rules go into effect.

Pre-configurations might include:

  • setting a variable to a known value
  • starting a timer
  • enabling a tone on a given port
  • setting up bridging between ports

Examples of "events" are:

  • a tone went active on port 1
  • a timer on the Blade expired
  • COR went active on port 3

Examples of an "action":

  • start a timer
  • set PTT on a port
  • send a tone out a port
  • send a DTMF string out a port
  • turn on all of the green LEDs on the front of the Blade 
  • mute the receive side of a port
  • bridge from one port to another port

After selecting an event to act upon, "conditions" can be selected to further qualify any action that might be taken. For instance, if an event occurs, we might want to set PTT on port 1- but maybe only if, say, the port 4 COR is active. A condition allows us check whether or not COR is active on port 4. Further, multiple conditions can be selected for a single Action Rule; in that case, the conditions are logically added together when the Blade is deciding whether or not to perform an action. Finally, after the event and optional conditions are set up, the "action" to perform is selected. Just like an event, the action may be taken upon the Blade, or upon any one of the modules in the Blade. Also, several actions can be selected to be performed; you are not limited to just one action per event.

The Raven Synergy, M4x Action Rules makes it possible.