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37600 Series - VF Switch
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37600 Series - VF Switch

We now offer you the M4x technology which replaces our VF Switch.

The 376 Series VF Switch is a full access, non-blocking space division switch designed to provide control of multiple 4-wire facilities in satellite for terrestrial networks. The Switch is available in 8-, 16- or 32- port capacity, and operates with the Raven 416 Series ESC equipment and a broad line of interface modules to provide interconnection of all the functions associated with an earth station or communications central hub. Wiring interface is provided on four 25-pair telephone type male connectors and a screw lug terminal strip.

The 37600 VF Switch is totally modular in design, allowing easy expansion and maintenance. All input and output ports are typically 600W balanced. DTMF signaling is used to establish and release connections within the Switch. Optionally an external computer can be used to control connections.

E and M lead supervision is also available for use in conjunction with co-located Raven 416 series equipment or other equipment utilizing E and M Leads. A typical application of this is the Raven 40700-6308 8 Line Switched Network Interface System which, when co-located with the VF Switch, can provide direct "off net" access for up to 8 ports of the VF Switch.

The core of the 37600 VF Switch consists of the 37690 CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the 37633 Cross Point Switch modules. The 37690 CPU is a single board microprocessor which controls switch operation and provides outputs for dial tone, busy tone, and DTMF. The 37633 Cross Point Switch module forms a non-blocking solid state cross point array which allows up to 32 lines to be interconnected simultaneously. Lines can be bridged together for conference calls.

Full-access, non-blocking cross point switching array 8 line initial capacity, expandable to 32 lines Microprocessor-controlled, EPROM programmable Standard telephone system features including conference and broadcast calling PC Control and status monitoring E and M and DTMF signaling protocols Dial, busy, DTMF, SF and ringback tones Direct connection of most 4- and 6-wire circuits Interface modules for connection of 2- or 4-wire telsets, 2-wire subscriber loops CO trunks, PABXs, satellite modems and mobile radio base stations Modular construction Fast-attack VOX interface for mobile radio applications; digital delay prevents speech clipping 15KHz audio sub-carrier switching for commercial video applications Compact design--occupies only 7 inches of standard 19" rack space Low initial cost, low power consumption

The industry's most compact VF Switch gives you large system quality and features for the interconnection of private and private/public telecommunications facilities, microwave radio communications links, and mobile radio networks.

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