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Image by CDC

The process of voting occurs when multiple radio inputs with different signal strengths go through an algorithm to compute SNR (signal to noise ratio) to choose the best signal output. This can be critical in emergency situations when every second matters. It is also helpful for everyday operations making the most of your valuable time. Raven M4x voting solutions allow you to ensure that you always get the clearest signal.

Raven M4x Voting


With Raven's state of the art  M4x technology our products are built to evolve with the ever changing needs of your industry. Our product has the capability of changing at a moments notice, it could be as easy as changing the settings or adding/subtracting more talk paths.


All of our new FlexGate Enterprise Systems include our new Enterprise Protection Plus plan. This support tool allows us to have 24/7 monitoring and mitigation, so we can fix any issues before they become a bigger problem. We also have a generous standard warranty and extended warranty options so you can have peace of mind knowing that our engineers are available to help with anything that comes up.


Not only do our products have the capability to change with your business, it also has the capability of growing alongside your industry. Raven offers easy and cost-effective options to scale up your operations whenever you need it.


At Raven we strive to provide options for any budget. From small volunteer fire stations, all the way up to large corporations.  We have solutions and pricing options for any budget. Contact us today to talk about our options.

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