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Raven's Solutions

With the world changing fast, Raven Electronics Corporation strives to create products that are flexible enough to to keep your systems running through thick and thin.

Adaptable  -  Affordable  -  Advanced

Remote Monitoring

Our RoIP solutions are flexible and scalable to meet any customers need and to be able to grow with the company. No matter the industry Raven has a RoIP solution to fit your needs.

Fog over City

We offer state of the art voting solutions from the smallest project to the largest. Raven M4x Voters ensure that you get the clearest signal every time.

Police Cars

Police, Fire, and EMS utilize LMR to communicate instantaneously. Raven seamlessly connects various types of communication devices to make a more robust system for our first responders

Ambulance Service

Emergency Services need to have the capability to patch seamlessly at any time. It is critical for them to be able to communicate in an emergency. Raven has been fulfilling this need for over 50 years.

Monitoring Room

With Raven's state of the art HQi dispatch software you can easily connect your communication devices, and monitor communications and IP Cameras, from any location or device connected to the internet.

Digital social media

Raven can also connect to your cell phone instead of a traditional radio. Skip the specialized equipment and connect with anyone on your team.

Space Satellite

Many companies require easy communication across wide areas. Raven makes it easy to connect a variety of communication devices over long distances.

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