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Analog Orderwire


The Raven Analog Orderwire provides an interface between a 4-wire line, a frequency limited voice path and a wideband data path. A 4-wire transmit port is provided by the Transmit module, which sums inputs from the handset MIC and a wideband data input. A low pass filter in the voice path band limits signals from the handset MIC.

Standard Orderwire decodes one or two DTMF address codes to ring the Orderwire and/or are optional Telephone Interface or PSTN Interface. Discrete tones can also be used for calling an Orderwire.


The 41616-660/232 Analog Orderwire provides all necessary functions for voice communications on a network. This system has the added capability for selective station addressing using one to four-digit DTMF programming, with optional features of “All Call”, “All Clear”, and “Group Call”, while on a common channel or party line. The 41616-660/232 also includes an internally wired 41685-01 6-Way/4-Wire Active Bridge in the transmit and receive paths providing five 4-wire external repeater ports wired out to the rear panel, as well as a separate 42286-01 RS-232 Conference Bridge Module. The 41610D-660 operates from a -24 to –56 VDC source, while the 41610A-660 is optional and operates from a 100 to 250 VAC source.

The 41616-660/232 is used at repeater sites or can function as a 5-port hub site. The 41616-660/232 consists of the following modules: X41620 Power Supply, X41632 Address Decoder, X41650 Receive Module, X41651 Transmit Module, X41685-01 6-Way/4-Wire Active Bridge, and the X42286-01 6-Way/4-Wire RS-232 Bridge. They are all removable for easy maintenance or replacement. Using an X42067 Extender Board (not included) allows for easy access to modules that may need adjusting