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Raven Electronics Bridge Shelf

Bridge Shelves (4,6,8-Way or any 2 combined bridges)


Raven's Bridge Shelf is a versatile means of bridging multiple 4-wire analog circuits. Each port receives and retransmits audio from all other ports in the bridge. All inputs and outputs are transformer couple providing excellent common-mode rejection. The bridge shelf is aligned and tested per the customer's specifications at the time of order. Therefore, little or no on-site adjustment is necessary. Mating cables are available for shelves with Telco connectors on the rear panels.

The 40100D-AUX Bridge Shelf provides four circuit card slots (J1 – J4) for the Raven 4-Way, 6-Way, or 8-Way Active Bridges. Position J6 is reserved for the power supply and the slot above it is left open to allow the power supply to dissipate heat. Connections to these modules are made via the wire-wrap pins on the rear of the shelf.


The 40100D-AUX operates from a –24 to –56 VDC source. A 4-foot length of 18 AWG red wire is preinstalled for connecting to the DC input supply. A 4-foot length of 18 AWG black wire is preinstalled for connecting to ground.

The 40100D-AUX is used at repeater sites or as a hub site. The Bridges that can be installed in the shelf are the 41685 4-Way Active Bridge, the 41685-01 6-Way Active Bridge, and the 41688 8-Way Active Bridge. Any combination of the bridge modules can be installed in the 40100D-AUX Bridge Shelf. Maximum capacity is four bridge modules per chassis. All of these Bridges are active conference bridges with +/- 25 dB of through path adjustment available. Amplifiers with potentiometer level adjustment are provided on each input and output for isolation, as well as excellent common-mode rejection. All of these modules are removable for easy maintenance or replacement.

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