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Our Mission

It's our mission to deliver reliable, secure and affordable solutions to the worlds top industries; including public safety, military, and commercial.

Our Story

Raven Electronics Corporation has been in the telecommunication industry for over 50 years. Veteran owned and operated, Raven designs, engineers, and manufactures digital signal, processing-based, communications systems. Driven by our own M4x Communications Technology, this suite of products is agnostic and offers custom configuration for optimum interoperability. Our M4x Series product line is designed to seamlessly bridge the gap across complicated, disparate networks. Raven delivers reliable, secure and affordable solutions to many top organizations worldwide in the public safety, military, and commercial industries. As the demand for greater interoperability continues to grow, our team remains committed  to developing dynamic, innovative solutions that keep us ahead of the game.

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Our Sales Representatives

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Raven Electronics Sales Representative

We have specialized Sales representatives across the United States. Find one in your area here. If you don't see one for your area contact us for help.

Advanced PLM

ADVANCED/PLM SALES & MARKETING, INC. is an independent manufacturers’ representative firm committed to manufacturers of high-quality wireless communications, telecommunication and consumer electronics in the states of Illinois and Wisconsin.

Aurora marketing

Aurora Marketing proudly represents a suite of communications manufacturers that together offer comprehensive, quality products for all markets, including public safety, carrier and enterprise markets. We are the communications equipment manufacturer representative for following regions: Colorado, New Mexico (El Paso Texas area), Wyoming, Eastern Montana, Scotts Bluff Nebraska, Eastern Idaho & Utah. 

The Sales Group

Founded as a California corporation in 1987, The Sales Group, inc. is an independent, outsourced sales company specializing in two-way radio communications, communications centers and safety products. We serve clients in California and Alaska.

Secom Systems, Inc.

Secom Systems is the premier manufacturers representative in the Southeast for the land-mobile radio industry. Secom specializes in building and supporting 2-way radio dealer relationships with our manufacturers.

The Cambridge Group

The Cambridge Group is a manufacturers' representative firm dedicated to the wireless communications and public safety markets. We serve clients across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, South Illinois.

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