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Voting Solutions

Providing Specialized Communications Systems since 1968

The Raven M4x Blade is a compact, software driven communication device. It offers the perfect combination of versatility, mobility, and economy; a simple USB connection to a laptop or desktop computer unleashes a powerful communication system that can serve an unlimited number of uses.

Raven Electronics M4x Blade Communications System
Raven Electronics RVI_600 Voting System

Raven Electronics' 6-Site Voter is a pre-configured powerhouse that allows for easy set-up, configuration, and expansion.  The RVI-600 with M4x Technology, is the most flexible and cost-effective voting system on the market.

FlexGate is a true hardware-based enterprise interoperability platform that permits users to create fixed or ad-hoc communications link with any communication system including land mobile radio, public and private telecommunication systems, and LTE "over-the-top" technologies including LTE Push-to-Talk.

Raven Electronics FlexGate RoIP Gateway
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