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- Prime Responder EMS MediLink Cross-Patching Matrix
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- Prime Responder EMS MediLink Cross-Patching Matrix

Prime Responder, a suite of Public Safety Interoperability products, offer fully scalable interoperability solutions for simple and complicated disparate networks, that will easily and cost effectively interconnect fire, police, and emergency management operatives.

Prime Responder EMS MediLink is the best way to connect your existing trunked radio equipment to medical personnel. With the ability to interface with dispatch_splash_275almost any radio system, Prime Responder EMS MediLink is the perfect way to extend the life of your existing equipment without costly upgrades.

The easy-to-use software module installs along-side existing Computer-Aided-Dispatch software, eliminating the need for new PCs at the dispatch desk. Because the software allows multiple users to access the same system, existing dispatchers can operate the system- typically eliminating the need for additional staff. The software connects seamlessly over existing Ethernet networks to the stand-alone Raven M4x switch installed in the wiring closet.

Reno's regional EMS (REMSA) organization is one of our many customers benefiting from using the Raven MediLink. They are now able to control the switch in the communications room from their console.


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