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47800 Series - M4x Blade
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47800 Series - M4x Blade

Introducing Raven’s Portable, Compact Communication Device: M4x Blade

Many applications. One solution. Easy-to-program. Cost effective. Designed by our engineers with your needs in mind - your Idea Shop.

This value added capability is available to you at an economical price.

• Tone Remote Control and Wire Line Capabilities
• Interoperate between Disparate Radio
• 2175 Hz Notch Filtering
• Traditional VOX
• Conferencing
• Cross Patch
• Active Voice Bridge
• Voice/Data Digital Orderwire
• Voice Frequency Switching
• Audio Delay Features (audio hold on, hold off )

800 MHz Rebanding *
• Conventional Radio Simulcast
• Dynamic Bridge (Sum/split or full conference)
• DTMF Voice-Frequency Switch
• Multi-user Cross-patch
• Incident Response
• Radio Interoperability Toolkit
• RoIP Gateway


This product offers the perfect combination of versatility, mobility, and economy; a simple USB connection to a laptop or desktop computer unleashes a powerful communication system that can serve an unlimited number of uses.

At the heart of the M4x Blade Communication System are DSP (digital signal processor)- powered “modules”.  These modules, manufactured by Raven Electronics, provide “access points” for several different types of communication equipment including radios, telephones, the public telephone network, orderwire, and even alarm and control equipment.

The M4x Blade Communication System can accommodate up to 8 such access points, and under software control, can bridge or conference them in any combination.

And that’s just the beginning of the M4x Blade Communication System’s versatility.  Potential uses of the M4x Blade Communication System include: radio interoperability, dispatch center call matrix, dispatch console, call conferencing system, or a small office telephone system.


Raven’s 4-wire Module: the M4x Workhorse

The 4-wire module is the workhorse of the M4x product, but other Raven-manufactured modules are available to create robust customer-configured communication systems. The current suite of M4x modules includes:

M4x Blade with four 4-wire Modules

4-wire Audio   Two channels of full duplex 4-wire audio
2-wire Telephone   Two 2-wire telephone connections
4-wire Telephone   Two 4-wire telephone connections
PSTN Access   Two channels of PSTN access
Alarm Input   16 open or closed contact inputs
Relay   Six double throw or eight single throw contacts
RS-232   Two RS-232 data channels

* M4x Blade for 800 MHz Rebanding:

The Blade can replace the periphery equipment necessary in the 800 MHz rebanding solution.  Specifically, the M4x can perform all the functions of:

          • the Raven Bridge Shelf
          • the 2175 Hz Notch Filter
          • the Tone Remote Control
          • the 2-wire to 4-wire Hybrid
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  1. M4x Mini-Blade (47800-003-X)


    The versatile and economical M4x Mini-Blade quickly connects to your laptop via USB to provide voice communication solutions. It has two ports and offers the same easy-to-use software as the eight port M4x Blade for added flexibility. In addition to functioning in all the same ways as a bridge, it provides many more features and capabilities, such as: tone remote control, 2175 notch filter, voice frequency switch.

     - More Product Detail

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