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47816A-700 - IP Deskset
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47816A-700 - IP Deskset

The Raven IP Deskset is a powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for your VoIP communication needs. The IP Deskset is a Push-to-talk (PTT) device, an intercom, a basic SIP endpoint, or an enterprise-ready desktop phones that interoperate, with the most popular PBX solutions in the market.

The IP Deskset has a viewing angle that is ergonomically designed. The easy-to-read LCD backlit screen gives you access to critical information including messages, channel status and names, along with caller ID.

Its rugged and durable construction includes a microphone, a standard 16 character DTMF keypad along with a PTT button, backli LCD screen, a speaker, and volume control. The IP Deskset can be powered from PoE or a 5 VDC adapter.

The microphone is connected via an XLR connector, which is a connector standard 3-pin fitting. The keypad gives you limitless options for a number of users and extensions that can be programmed into a single system. Program the IP Deskset to display both the name and extension of the caller.



 SIP-based Endpoint

Serves as a SIP-compliant full-duplex speaker phone.


Used in environments that require push to talk voice over IP capability, particularly, in transit organizations.



Can be used from one deskset to the other to provide intercom-like communications.

IP Loud Speaker


  • SIP-based Endpoint

  • Industrial Design

  • 16 Button Keypad

  • Supports Multiple Codecs

  • Backlit LCD Disply

  • Noise Reduction

  • Silence Suppression

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