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47800A-XXXX - M4x NEXEDGE Recording Gateway
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47800A-XXXX - M4x NEXEDGE Recording Gateway

Mobile users are deploying Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technologies from major radio manufactures in order to capitalize on the voice quality and features they offer. In doing so, some voice recording vendors are requiring gateways to allow this voice recording without first deploying and implementing expensive VOCODER technologies within their own software or hardware platforms.

Customers want over-the-air transmissions and console initiated calls to utilize Kenwood's NEXEDGETM digital voice capabilities. Should an existing recording solution not currently support decoding NEXEDGETM digital voice frames and call metadata then Raven can provide a single, centralized solution to overcome this problem.

  •  Decode IP-based NXDN voice frames from receivers and console-initiated calls

  • Copy digital call headers (talk group ID, caller SUID, etc) and form new G.711 RTP streams
  • Forward to a TCP port on a recording device


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