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- M4x VoIP/RoIP Bladelink
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- M4x VoIP/RoIP Bladelink

 Key up radios over IP links (RoIP). React to a COR event on one blade and command one or more remote blades to key a radio.

  • Blade Linking (command & control individual blades in a network)

  • RoIP (E & M Signaling, tone control over IP)

Standard Features

  • 1 WAN Port
  • Full Conferencing (SIP or radio)
  • VLAN Support
  • Standard CODECS
  • RFC-2833 in-band or out-of-band DTMF
  • SIP & RTP Unicast/Multicast Supported
  • QoS


  • Leased Line Elimination
  • VoIP Backhaul
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