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40200 Series - Bridge Shelves
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40200 Series - Bridge Shelves

Raven's Bridge Shelf is a versatile means of bridging multiple 4-wire analog circuits. Each port receives and retransmits audio from all other ports in the bridge. All inputs and outputs are transformer couple providing excellent common-mode rejection. The bridge shelf is aligned and tested per the customer's specifications at the time of order. Therefore, little or no on-site adjustment is necessary. Mating cables are available for shelves with Telco connectors on the rear panels.

Quad Notch Filter Module, X41667
The Raven 41667 Quad Notch Filter Module provides four signal paths, each with flat pass band response except near the notch frequency. Notch frequencies range from 60 Hz to 5 KHz, customer specified. The 41667 filter can be installed inside the same shelf as the bridge modules eliminating the need for external notch filters. Amplifiers are incorporated to provide adjustable gain input to output, with a +30 dB to -18 dB adjustment range. Notch rejection greater than 60 dB.

A typical application is for 2175 Hz filtering to eliminate the otherwise audible control tones used in radio applications.  The filter is active so there are no losses as with passive filters.  In addition, up to four filters can be installed on the same PCB saving space and money.

The Bridge Shelf can be powered from a DC or AC source. The shelves are 19" or 23" rack mounted, ETSI rack flanges are also available. Bridge modules can be modified from conference bridges to be summing/splitting bridges at no additional cost.

40200-4850 Bridge Shelf (up to eight 8-way bridges) This bridge module can be ordered with up to eight 8-way bridges. There are 7 or up to 50 ports if daisy chained, internally.

40200-4885 Bridge Shelf (up to eight 4-way bridges) This bridge module can be ordered with up to eight 4-way bridges. There are 4 or up to 18 ports if daisy chained, externally.

There are two other bridge shelf series available:

40100-4082 Bridge Shelf (4, 6, 8-way or any two combined) This bridge module can be ordered as a 4-way, 6-way, 8-way or any two combined. There are 4, 6, 8 or up to 14 ports if daisy chained, externally.

41000-204 Bridge Shelf (4, 6, 8-way or up to 13, any combined) This bridge module can be ordered as a 4-way, 6-way, 8-way or up to 13, any combination. There are 4, 6, 8 or up to 80 ports if daisy chained, externally.



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