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47800A-FLXG - FlexGate Enterprise System
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47800A-FLXG - FlexGate Enterprise System

Real smartphone integration for your Kenwood NEXEDGE® digital trunked system or conventional radio systems. Raven Electronics Corporation now provides a direct smartphone IP interface into your NEXEDGE® system.

Raven’s FlexGate Enterprise System and SynapsePTT suite of smartphone applications provide a seamless IP connection to the NEXEDGE® radio system. This system allows for extraordinary voice quality through a simple, feature-rich user-interface and without the need for control stations.

The FlexGate solution is more than a smartphone gateway. It is a mixed media bridge providing access to VoIP/RoIP systems, analog radio systems, telephone systems, and dispatch centers.

Access these resources from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Also recently added is HQi our light duty dispatch interface software. It is currently availble as an add on to expand the interoperability of the FlexGate Enterprise System.


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  1. M4x Blade (47800 Series)

    You might want to consider Raven’s newest product, the M4x Blade.  It can function in all the same ways as bridges, but can offer many more features and capabilities that the bridges cannot.  In addition to bridging the Blade can offer applications, such as:

    -          Voter/Comparator

    -          DTMF controlled cross patch switching matrix

    -          Radio interoperability

    -          Multi-User cross patch

    -          800 MHz re-banding

    Features include:

    -          Tone remote control

    -          SNR Voter/Comparator

    -          Wireline control (e.g. COR and PTT)

    -          VOX (Voice-activated switch)

    -          Audio delay (avoids speech clipping)

    -          Notch Filtering

    -          Conferencing

    -          Tone Detection/generation

    -          DSP Filters


     - More Product Detail

  2. M4x Mini-Blade (47800-003-X)


    The versatile and economical M4x Mini-Blade quickly connects to your laptop via USB to provide voice communication solutions. It has two ports and offers the same easy-to-use software as the eight port M4x Blade for added flexibility. In addition to functioning in all the same ways as a bridge, it provides many more features and capabilities, such as: tone remote control, 2175 notch filter, voice frequency switch.

     - More Product Detail

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