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Raven Interoperability Equipment Makes NMAC Mission Critical Communication Possible

Raven Bridge Shelves Provides a Solution for National Mutual Aid Channel (NMAC) Communications 800 M...


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Large Networks of Trunk Radio Control Systems Relies on Raven
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An engineer at a large radio communications manufacturer who is tasked with managing large networks of trunk radio control systems called on Raven, because if these systems go down, communication would be negatively affected or worse at a standstill.  

Problem: In the 1980’s when the network systems were put together, direct cable connections were used.  Over the years, architectures changed, upgrades were made, and critical features such as “trunking indication” that end users relied on were being lost due to these changes. Specifically, the radios could no longer provide the trunked status indication required.  The engineer mentioned above put the growing problem to his internal team and tasked them to find a solution. He knew that the solution process could take an inordinate amount of time – time that he did not have, and as with most solutions, the price tag could be large.  He learned about a Raven VOX shelf that was being used in another location with similar equipment.  He did his homework and found that the Raven VOX shelf could provide the trunking indication solution he required with a slight modification made to fit his specific application.  

Solution: Raven was contacted to see if the VOX shelf function could be modified to meet these new requirements.  Raven engineers said “yes” and provided an immediate cost effective solution to the problem without the need for long development cycles or exorbitant NRE charges.

Our customer’s comment about working with Raven:  “The biggest benefit Raven provided was giving us a solution fast.  To get a solution internally would take a great deal of time, and for something of this complexity, at least one man-year! The traditional, internal processes for solutions are cumbersome and difficult to change.  Working with the Raven Idea team was a pleasure.  Their engineers were innovative, solution-oriented and fast!  That’s important in our world.”

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