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Military gets Ruggedized Communications Equipment for Operation Enduring Freedom

Raven redesigned its VOX Shelves for the Joint Radio Relay Project in Afghanistan....


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Prime Responder MediLink
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Reno's regional EMS organization, REMSA, needed to replace their aging audio switch. They were worried that if the switch failed, the primary emergency communications system would be down indefinitely. REMSA had several computer workstations in their dispatch center and they wanted to have the ability to control the switch in the communications room from their console. They wanted to be able to make and break conferences between ambulances, hospitals, dispatchers, police, and 911 calls without leaving their desk.

REMSA wanted a computer controlled switch with several custom features that Raven’s standard software did not offer at the time. Raven responded, "No problem" and delivered the hardware and new software package in less than three months. Raven also assisted in the installation with a smooth, seamless transition from the old to the new equipment.

Raven recommended REMSA use Raven's Prime Responder MediLink product that runs on a server and would enable them to access communication resources through an Ethernet network.

REMSA dispatchers could now: Prime Responder MediLink

  • create or breakdown conferences
  • dynamically add or remove parties to or from existing conferences
  • visually differentiate between connected parties
  • see new conferences initiated by other dispatchers, as well as
  • have complete control of these conferences with the use of only a pointing device,
    such as a mouse or track ball






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