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Alyeska Pipeline

Raven's FlexGate delivers a peerless communications system over 800 miles of the most rugged terrain, across the biggest state in the US. If Raven can go there it can go anywhere in the world!

Alyeska Pipeline

"The Trans Alaska Pipeline System, better known as TAPS, is an engineering marvel, a tribute to American ingenuity and hard work, a symbol of our country’s energy independence, and the heartbeat of Alaska’s economy. At 800 miles long, TAPS is one of the world’s largest pipeline systems, transporting Alaska North Slope crude oil from Pump Station 1 in Prudhoe Bay; then travels across the state’s rugged and beautiful terrain, including traversing three mountain ranges, three major earthquake faults, and hundreds of rivers and streams; and comes to its end in Valdez, the northernmost ice-free port in North America. Tankers are loaded at the Valdez Marine Terminal, delivering about four percent of the nation’s crude oil supply to market." -TAPS

The Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) was designed and constructed to move oil from the North Slope of Alaska to the Valdez Marine Terminal. Alyeska Radio Telephone System (ARTS) was built in 1977 to provide the necessary communication across the isolated haul road and runs in parallel to the pipeline. Alyeska Pipeline Service Company designed, constructed, and currently maintains this pipeline.


In recent years, Alyeska began a complex but necessary project to upgrade the existing communication infrastructure. They needed to replace the costly copper phone lines with new technology that could create communication where it is difficult or at one time was not even possible. This new communications infrastructure will include internet, Wi-Fi and cellular service, live video, cyber and security technology. Raven Electronics Corporation was part of this collaboration and worked with Alyeska to design and engineer a communication system to meet their specific requirements, with seamless interoperability. Each custom configured gateway connects various communication devices using proprietary M4x technology.

Each Pump Station will be equipped with a FlexGate Enterprise System and IP Deskset to deliver secure and reliable communications for the Alyeska Radio Telephone System (ARTS). Raven’s FlexGate Enterprise System will provide interoperability throughout the communications network which includes 25 repeater sites, 12 Pump Stations, SIP lines, multiple mobile / portable radios and a control station. This will allow for day-to-day operational communications and provide a communication safety-net for field workers and civilians alike.

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