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Interface Modules

M4x interface modules.png

At the heart of our products like the FlexGate Enterprise system, and the M4x series, are DSP (digital signal processor) powered “modules”. They provide “access points” for several different types of communication equipment including radios, telephones, orderwire, and even alarm and control equipment. Below is all of the different modules Raven provides. Each M4x Blade holds up to 4 modules in most cases. Our FlexGate Enterprise Gateway

2 Port 2-Wire/4-Wire Analog VF/VOX

This two-port module has a 2-wire and a 4-wire interface. This module has the capability of DTMF detection, VOX detection with relay output, voice delay up to 1 second on each channel, M-lead (PTT) relay outputs and E-Lead (COR) inputs. The input can be 600 ohm or high impedance, and output is always 600 ohm. This module is designed for very low frequency signals. It also includes the added feature of automatic gain control.


I/O Interface

This module has the capability of monitoring or control of up to 16 control points. Each line can be programmed as either an input or an output.


Conference Bridge

This module is a conference bridge for large multi-blade systems that need conferencing capabilities.



3-channel module that incorporates Digital Voice Systems' AMBE 3003TM Vocoder technology. It is used for gateway applications for digital mobile radio systems using NEXEDGETM. (One module for every three talk paths)


2 Channel RS-232 Interface

(2) ports Module, Inputs & Outputs can be routed to the host computer or other RS-232 ports.


2-Port Telephone

Two channels for 2-wire and 4-wire telephones, restricted to two modules per single blade.



Based on a field-proven VoIP engine, our VoIP solution provides a new dimension in power for the M4x product line. It's not just another VoIP product, it's a digital control mechanism for voice and data services that is integrated with our entire line of M4x module products including radio, telephone, I/O, and serial modules.


Relay Interface

This Relay Module has six DPDT relays or eight SPDT relays



Two channels for connecting 2-wire circuits with telephone battery voltage applied.


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