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Raven's equipment helps keep over 1,000,000 citizens and 2,500 square miles safe in north western Oregon.

Mt Hood Oregon

"WCCCA (wă-kŭ) was formed in 1985, and was established to provide 9-1-1 service and public safety communications for police, fire, and emergency medical service for the participating jurisdictions and for other governments under contract. That means that if you live in any part of Washington County, and you call 9-1-1, WCCCA will answer your phone call." -WCCCA

Raven's state of the art equipment is providing Washington County and Clackamas County with the most reliable IP based communications. With one of our FlexGate Enterprise Systems at the main station and M4x Blades on various mountain tops, we provide seamless communications for all emergency services, keeping everyone in the area safe. Even if an emergency responder is searching the desolate Mt Hood National forest their radio will be connected to whoever they need through Raven's system.

Here's an example of one way the WCCCA system works.

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