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Premier Dispatch and RoIP Interoperability Solutions

Communications to and from anywhere in the world

We are committed to solving your communication needs.

Whether you need interconnectivity between disparate networks, or need to easily dispatch multiple channels, or even if you simply need to connect to your team members from anywhere in the world. Raven Electronics Corporation's suite of products has you covered.

The Raven M4x Blade is a compact, software driven communication device. It offers the perfect combination of versatility, mobility, and economy. A simple USB or ethernet connection to a laptop or desktop computer unleashes a powerful communication system that can serve an unlimited number of uses.

Raven's FlexGate Enterprise System is a mixed media system bridge providing interconnectivity to VoIP/RoIP systems, radio systems, telephone systems, and dispatch console systems. You can access these resources from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, PC, or public telephone.

Raven's FlexGate Enterprise System can also connect to your cell phone instead of a traditional radio. Skip the specialized equipment or tower leases and connect with anyone on your team. Raven works with Zello, Diga-Talk+, ESChat, InstantConnect, and RealPTT.

HQi is Raven Electronics IP dispatch solution. HQi is connected over a private or public network connection giving the user the flexibility of being able to dispatch anywhere in the world. It was designed in such a way to make dispatching as easy as possible.

Voting ensures that the radio user will get the best possible reception. Our M4x product line is a reliable, affordable solution. Raven's offers the perfect combination of versatility, mobility, and economy.


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Raven's FlexGate delivers a peerless communications system over 800 miles of the most rugged terrain, across the biggest state in the US.
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